right this minute    
1. Right This Minute
2. Up In The Air
3. Rainy Rainy Cloud
4. Sunflower
5. More Like Melanie
6. Girl Talk
7. Under For Good
8. Pebble In My Shoe
9. In The Universe With Me
10. Angeline
Production & Arrangements: Art Hays
String Arrangement on "More Like Melanie": Henry Hey

Mixed by: Kirk Wheeler
Mastered by: Phil Magnoti

Tamara Hey: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Martin Backpacker
Art Hays: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass
Brian Delaney: Drums
Shawn Pelton: Drums
Dan Rieser: Drums
Piano & Keyboards: Henry Hey
Acoustic Bass: John Hebert
String Section: Johnathan Dinklage, Vincent Lionti,
Katherine Livolsi, Jean LeBlanc

STUDIOS: Dubway, Chez Hey, Altclown Studio,
Six String Recording

Graphic Design & Layout: Tom Beckham
Photography: Frank Ishman